Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart

Green colored wheelbarrow is constructed from powder coated steel, polyurethane, & rubber for a rust proof performance

Thick padded loop handles double as a stand and make pushing the wheelbarrow comfortable and easy to lift

13-inch rubber wheels are sturdy & pneumatic, which allow you to steer the cart in various types of terrain

Deep barrow allows for 5 cubic feet of space to be used for simple or complex projects

    Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow

    Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow

    Heavy-Duty Construction

    This garden set is equipped with a sturdy and durable steel frame that will support a heavy weight load of up to 265 pounds, allowing you to fill your bag with a countless amount of tools and feel safe detaching the bag to comfortably sit while working in your garden.

    Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow