Resistance Bands for Working Out Women - 5 Booty Bands for Women and Men Best Exercise Bands, Workout Bands for Workout Legs Butt Glute - Gym Fitness Fabric Bands Set for Home with Training Guide

Brand: MhIL

Color: Pink, Black, Green, Purple, Grey


  • ✦【Superior Quality】- being able to train anywhere you want. With MHIL's booty bands, you'll receive the most comfortable non-slip resistance bands with thick, wide, and flexible fabric that stays elastic over time and isn't too tight or loose, giving you the best workout. The soft and lightweight premium odorless fabric is made of polyester and latex. It is specially designed so that it does not roll or pinch. Achieve your fitness goals with our resistance bands for working out women.
  • ✦【Multiple Resistance Levels】- Our unique package comes with 5 different bands, all the same length but with different levels of resistance, from extra light to extra heavy. This guarantees that it will be challenging but suitable for everyone from beginners to professionals. They come in refreshing colors suitable for both women and men, and are made from durable material, ensuring they always provide the right amount of resistance and don't stretch.
  • ✦【Shape up】- with our exercise bands resistance bands set, working to help you lose weight and give yourself the shape you want. They work as physical therapy to help engage your muscles in a gentle but effective way, improving your arms, legs, hips, thighs, shoulders, and booty, as well as improving health. The elastic fitness band set is designed for body elasticity to help you get fit and flat while training wherever you want.
  • ✦【Take it with you Anywhere】- Take these resistance loops anywhere as it is compact, easy to carry and use. They can be used for all kinds of exercises, such as yoga, Pilates, weights, squats, stretching, training, beach body training and any type of sport. They can be used at home, in the gym, while traveling and even outdoors. This is truly a unique home workout equipment kit.
  • ✦【Lifetime Warranty】- At Mhil we have done rigorous testing to ensure the durability of our hip bands. You just have to contact us via Buyer Messages anytime you need. You can feel safe sending them as gifts knowing that we are here for you.
  • ✦【Using our workout bands add tension or resistance during exercises 】- The bands make it more difficult to do movements and engages more muscles like: glutes, butt, and hamstrings that helps build strength. You can even combine the resistance bands of the same size together with your free weights and bodyweight exercises.
  • ✦【 By exercising with resistance bands for working out 】- you can target the glutes, hamstrings, calves, legs, butt, and abs much more than you could in a normal workout, burn more calories and strengthen your muscles in a much shorter amount of time. Our booty bands for working out women are perfect for your exercises.
  • ✦【 Get the best of both worlds with our booty bands for women and resistance bands for legs! 】 These booty bands or glutes bands are designed specifically to enhance and tone your glutes, these bands also help strengthen and tone your legs, making them a versatile and effective addition to your home workout equipment. Achieve your fitness goals with our premium resistance bands for working out !
  • This is the perfect home workout equipment kit if you want to kick-start a regular fitness regimen. You don't need a huge yard or home to do your work out in. You can use these booty bands even in tiny spaces as all you need is enough space to perform standard exercises. With these workout accessories for women, you can work pretty much every major muscle in your body and get results fast. These booty bands are an essential piece of a home workout kit that fits your space and lifestyle.
  • √【MHiL's Training Guide】 Transform your fitness journey with our workout booty bands, suitable for all levels, including beginners and professionals. Our comprehensive guide comprises five meticulously crafted programs: Builders, Burner, Fitness, Wellness, and Functional Training. Each program is meticulously designed by experts to maximize performance and results.

Binding: Sports

Details: MhIL 5 Resistance Bands Set - Best Exercise Bands, Booty Bands for Women and Men, Workout Bands for Working Out Legs, Butt, Glute- Stretch Gym Fitness Bands, Workout Equipment , Workout Sets for Women

Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 5.2 x 3.8 inches