SquadFit Pushup Board Home Gym Workout Equipment 20 Fitness Equipment || 9-in-1 Push Up Board for Men and Women with Pilates Bar Resistance Bands Jump Rope and Ab Roller Wheel Workout Equipment

Brand: SquadFit


  • Complete Home Gym Solution: Elevate your fitness game with our all-in-one set: push up board, Pilates bar, ab roller wheel, resistance bands, jump rope, and wrist strengthener. Say goodbye to costly gym memberships and hello to convenient, effective workouts at home for all fitness levels. Transform your space into a personal gym and enjoy the freedom to exercise anytime.
  • Total Body Transformation: Unleash the potential of your home workouts. Our kit includes a versatile pushup board, a dynamic Pilates bar, and more. Target every muscle group effectively, build strength, flexibility, and core stability. Stay fit and productive from home, ideal for busy work-from-home professionals seeking a healthier lifestyle.
  • Work & Workout: Working from home? Stay active, boost your mood, and maintain a healthy routine with our set. The push up board, Pilates bar, and accessories offer variety and effectiveness. Get results, whether you're new to fitness or a seasoned pro. No need for multiple pieces of equipment – everything you need is in one package.
  • Push-Up Power & Pilates Precision: Maximize your fitness potential with this powerful combination. The push up board's comprehensive targets enhance muscle targeting, while the Pilates bar improves flexibility and strength. Plus, the abs roller, resistance bands, jump rope, and wrist strengthener add endless workout possibilities. Visible results await!
  • Your Home, Your Gym: Take charge of your fitness journey with our customizable set. The pushup board and adjustable resistance bands offer diverse workouts, from core to upper body. Skip the gym and save time and money. Create a healthier you with this comprehensive, space-saving solution designed for home fitness.
  • Smart Fitness Investment: Skip the crowded gyms and invest in your well-being with our set. Strengthen, tone, and burn calories effectively. Enjoy the convenience of a comprehensive home gym. With the push-up board, Pilates bar, and accessories, you'll be motivated to achieve your fitness goals, all while enjoying the comfort of your home.
  • Home Fitness Made Easy: Achieve your fitness aspirations with our complete package: pushup board, Pilates bar, and more. Strengthen, tone, and save on expensive gym memberships. Transform your home into a haven for health and wellness, where you can conveniently work out and create a happier, healthier lifestyle.
  • Unmatched Customer Care: Our commitment goes beyond the product. Experience exceptional support from our dedicated team. We're here to answer questions, provide workout guidance, and ensure your satisfaction. Trust in our brand for top-quality fitness equipment and outstanding customer service, making your fitness journey truly enjoyable.

model number: SF_PBSET_01

Part Number: SF_PBSET_01

Details: ‎Push up board, non-slip stickers, exercise bar, 30LB resistance band X 2+50LB resistance band X 2, ankle strap X 2, push up handle X 2, multifunction handle X 2, door anchor

EAN: 0659576727585

Package Dimensions: 17.4 x 12.5 x 5.3 inches